The Ram brand may have a new competitor in the works


In the world of automotive driving, wheels move pretty darn fast--but in automotive production, planning, and budgeting, they can move pretty darn slow.

But Mike Manly, a boss over at Ram trucks, might be putting some grease of the wheels of a project encouraging the production of a midsize, unibody truck for the Ram brand.

What what?--you may be thinking--the new Ram lineup has it all: brains, brawn, more trim levels than a hairdresser shop. What could it be missing?

But, times they are a-changing. And drivers in Lancaster are developing ever-more-demanding lifestyle needs. And small pickup trucks are making a big leap in just the last few years. The Chevy Colorado made its redesigned appearance recently; Honda released its new Ridgeline truck just this week; and there are rumors that Ford is planning to re-introduce their retired Ranger.

And if the market wants it, Ram wants to do it best.

Some believe that Ram will borrow from the platform of its sibling-brand, FIAT. FIAT already produces a unibody pickup truck by the name of the "Toro"--a model currently only available in markets like Mexico. But, with platform suggestions from a ready-made truck, it might be possible for Ram to very soon offer a smaller truck than their current selection.

What do you think? Would you like to see something like this cruising the streets of Lancaster?

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