Importance of Tire Pressure

The pressure of air in your tires is essential to good tire performance. Several factors can lead to poor pressure in your tires.

- Not filling up your tires to the proper air pressure level

- A hole or tear in your tires

- Incorrect tires for your size vehicle

- Using spare tires as opposed to more durable tires

- Poor quality tires for your vehicle

Get your tires checked by trained service personnel to help make sure that you are using the right tires for your vehicle, that they get properly inflated, and that they are in good working condition. Our team members will often inspect your tires for problems, rotate your tires, adjust the inflation level of your tires, and replace your tires if needed.

The best place for your auto maintenance is at the service department of our car dealership here at Lancaster Dodge Ram FIAT in Lancaster, PA, as they are familiar with your vehicle and the tire needs of the vehicle.

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