Let Lancaster Dodge Help You Choose the Perfect RAM Truck for Your Jobs

There are a myriad of choices and options when shopping for a new truck, so Ram has suggestions for the type of truck will work best for you based on the tasks you'll be using it for. For example, for towing a small watercraft or trailer, RAM recommends the RAM 1500 with a maximum payload of about 1,690 pounds and a maximum towing capacity of 10,650 pounds when properly equipped. If your jobs include towing horses, RVs, or another vehicle, you'll require more power, so RAM suggests the RAM 3500 Heavy Duty truck line. These powerful trucks can tow a maximum payload of over 6,500 pounds and, when properly equipped, can tow as much as 31,200 pounds! Of course, if your needs fall somewhere in the middle, consider the RAM 2500 trucks for those mid-weight tasks. There are several different trims and models to choose from, so we invite you to stop by Lancaster Dodge Ram FIAT in Lancaster, PA to explore our inventory of new Ram Trucks.
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